Will the emotion be a bit better that will want any distances just?
Should happy thing why be but happy to stand up on me originally
From just began very happy searching
Seeming until recently begins to have so some main threads begin
What the one that came one after another is that yours is unhappy
Really as empress dowager says can kind a bit just from emotion a little
Really put aside all considerations of face because of this thing
A lot of things are on the principle that with respect each other
Why but I have not seen on you
The ones that were brought are expression in one's eyes and attitude making people uncomfortable
The fault where? I often ask oneself like this recently
Is it so difficult that must want doing according to your words of each thing ?
Whether can belong to some space of mine for me
Whether can belong to the practice that I want for me
Whether can let me do the thing that I want to do
Why should be the warm haven originally
It but can't let now it is timid without being had a few in I step fear even in the face of
It is good to be very hard

It is a blessing that I comfort oneself like this to have you
There are people and the same front of mine at least
Can take advantage of depending on while making me tired



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