Have nearly told the thing this time well to people after coming back on Saturday
Do not know either whether to finally borrow in the future or not
But it is the psychological have kinds of hope loan but mood
Want to say that the universe says clearly fragily to family
Even if not confirmed yet whether to finally buy or not
But has spread the news in brief to tell sister
Amount of money that will need paying in the future that strike and make the calculator to see
Why think that there is one kind of breathless feelings
How differently to calculate before following
What words and expressions which you tell me is like the sharp knife is carved on my mind
Such a act was thought it was a coward's behavior by you originally
Let your heart promote the thought wanted to give up originally
Very great in impact to you because of that sentence
But   All of yours have very great injury to me too
No matter bought and bought
Cross with but
Have the brand-new beginning of can be regarded asing   But should toughen one's scalp to meet this tough battle
Do not buy   You have given the ultimatum too
In you 35 years old sure to buy the house you have that year
It is sure to move out not to if has not bought
You want me to decide in the future by oneself to go or stay
I am very sad   Why get married the thing but experience of agony on me


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