The worst one is not the injury on the speech in the world
But expression in one's eyes and attitude making people unhappy are enough to form injury
I do not know that how long to need to spend could remove such an awkward situation
Last night   This thing that relate to the fact that I lift again
Shall I discuss with her hard
The ones that can't be understood all the time are  
It is my spirit that it is used that it was my money that was spent
Tell it is a kind of respect   But can not get your showing understanding
But not scolded just by you after buying the car
May I ask and get your money usefully during these years?
It is so difficult that the same question will arrive now
Say clearly to me once
If really change to some extent because of this incident
Then I have recognized too ~~
Trust and respect that I had thinking all the time
Had not existing all the time originally


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